Class 70 - BritishRail-Locomotives
On the 17 June 2013, 70018 was reported to be having problems with its engine in the Patchway Tunnel area near Bristol but eventually failed near Pilning, the train being stopped in the down loop behind the station platform and awaiting rescue. This came with 66534 which towed the train forward to Wentloog, where 70018 was pushed into the siding at the far, west end of the yard (see image) . Then on 3 July, 56312 was despatched  to assist the 70 as the 0Z70 20:43 Wentloog to Cardiff Canton at 10MPH due to the loco having a broken wheelset. A week later on 10 July 2013 70017 took 70018 DIT on the 4O51 freightlner service back to Southampton from where the loco was tripped to Eastleigh works for attention.       Seen here at Wentloog on  28-6-13


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Two of the four class 70's stabled at Stoke Gifford on the 15-3-15. 70003 will run light to East Usk yard to resume the Fifoot power station coal trains whilst 70011 will shortly leave as the 4C09 to Portbury for re-filling the empty waggons.