Type 4 - BritishRail-Locomotives
D1023 WESTERN FUSILIER on display outside the National Railway museum after arriving from Exeter on the 1Z54 'Western Finale'. A closer inspection of panels below the right side buffer shows the damage that the loco incurred after colliding with a cow near Charfield just to the north of Bristol. Luckily the damage wasn't enough to fail the loco and so we carried on to York. 12-2-77
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50010 has finally finished its service life with BR. Introduced on February 24th 1968 and allocated initially to LMWL (London Midland Western Lines) it was a further 8 years before the loco was sent down to Laira. 12 years later in July 1988 the loco was withdrawn and cut at Laira in May 1992 by Coopers Metals. Seen here on 15-9-91..