Type 5 - BritishRail-Locomotives
The train started at Eastleigh with 47739 & 47749, and called at Westbury to pick some more stuff up. Then it proceeded as the 7Z56 Westbury to Long Marston but was held for an hour at East depot in Bristol awaiting a driver before setting off again. However the lead 47 had a small bogie fire near Filton Abbeywood, which was put out by the driver, before limping into Bristol Parkway up loop behind 66596. Rescue came with 56302 running light from Cardiff, and here the driver is seen checking the train as it departs Bristol Parkway right time for Worcester on a new timetable. (7 1/2 late on the origonal!). 22-7-13
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66748 hauling 31162 46045 40013 50035 20142 & 20205 light past Filton Abbeywood on the 0Z40 Swanage to Kidderminster. 10-5-16