Type 5 - BritishRail-Locomotives
66169 with the 1324 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station coal.  Didcot power station is to cease electricity production at 14:00 on March 22 and so these coal flows will cease with the last trains running on the 20 March....  8-3-13  Footnote :-  Well things changed and the last trains ran on the 19th with loco's 66012, 66087, 66117, 66132 being used.   66012 worked the 6D15 13:24 departure from Avonmouth, with a cardboard 'The End' headboard in cab window with 66117 doing the very last run with 6D17 the 14:22 Avonmouth to Didcot with the Barton Hill Unicorn headboard. Train was reported departing 78 late.
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56032 running light engine at Chipping Sodbury Tunnel 13-5-94